Asian Women's Portraits

Welcome to Asian Women's Portraits (AWP). This group is for phot...ographers & models to share their work on Asian Women's Photography. We welcome everyone to share their best photos here.

You are most welcome to invite or add your friends into this group. Let's all share the unique beauty of Asian Women to the World. Thank you :-)

1.) Post only photos that are taken & owned by you. (Maximum 3 post a day). Please post HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS. And at least see the Model's face.

2.) Do not post any links ( e.g Advertisement, spam, political, pornography, full nudity or some FB page links). If you want to promote your Photography Page just add the link on your photo post.

3.) No Harsh / Inappropriate / Rude posting or comments please. (Including Copy & Paste comments and Pick up lines).

4.) Watermark is encouraged on your photos, but NOT TOO BIG, NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PHOTO, and keep it below or on the top of the photo. That includes any Wordings. Thank you.

5.) DO NOT create an ALBUM or SHARE your post from somewhere into the Timeline, SINGLE photo per post only.

6.) Please show respect and courtesy to the other members in this group. Always say Thank You when they like or give positive comments on your photos. AND Please do reply people's comment.

7.) You are welcome to share some information about your photos (e.g Camera brand, Lens, Setting) together with your photo post.

8.) SPAMMERS will not be tolerated here in AWP. Immediate Ban to anyone found spamming.

9.) Strictly ASIAN WOMEN PORTRAITS ONLY. NO Male photo allowed, not even in the same photo with the female model. Also Strictly NO Under-age Girls or Children photos allowed here in AWP.

10.) Any photos that does not respect Women are not allowed here and will be removed. Be considerate to Asian cultures too.

11.) Ads, selling things or post looking for Models/Photographers are not allowed here. BUT if you want to post please join AWP MemoBoard and post over there ( )

12.) The ADMINS reserved the rights to ADD, APPROVED or REMOVED anyone or any post from this group.

All the best to everyone :-)

Asian Women's Portraits (AWP) Started on February 3, 2015.