Astrology RESEARCH Group

Hi friends, the Purpose of this Group is to Promote Research in ...Astrological Sciences including but not limited to Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology Vastu, feng Shui & many more. If you have a Question or Topic to Share, If you wish to Participate in a Research or if you wish to Share your Own Research results in the form of a file or Post, Here's the Place to Express, Prove your Point and make the World Believe the true Power of Astrology as a Mainstream Science which has roots and Derivations based on Physics , Mathematics, Psychology and Anthropology of a High Class and level, Discovered, Invented and Gifted to us by our Genius Sages and Seers of Vedic ERA. Thank You!! :)
Have a Blessed and fortunate life!! :) :) O:) (y) (y) :) O:) :)