Atheists vs Theists-Discovering the Truth

Atheists VS Theists-Discovering the Truth is a group created for Discussion/Debate between Atheists and Theists but in context of Respect

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-----> RULES <-----
1- NO Spamming or flooding
2- NO Racism.
3- NO Insults,or foul language.
4- NO Personal Attacks.
5- NO attack,mockery and insults against God, Holy Prophets and Scriptures
6- No Advertisements.
7- English should be the Main Language.
8- No Off topic posts.
9- No violence, pornographic pictures or videos.
10- No Harassing or threatening members.
11-No Blocking Admins.
12- No pictures will be posted (Depicting God and Prophets Ex:Jesus/ Muhammed/ Adam ,etc....)

10 warnings for each person more than that will get you banned

from the group

----->If you notice any breaking of the rules, contact the admins either by sending one of us a message or simply tagging us on the post.