Atlanta G's

To join up, you must own an Infiniti G model and live in the Georgia area. Its easier for us to make sure of this if you have a picture of your G as either your background or Personal Picture.
Message the page admin here to confirm this admission requirement that your live in Atlanta and have an Infiniti G. Attach a pic of your G to the request to join message.

This will allow your message to reach an admin due to privacy settings.


If you have personal messaging disabled for non-friends, please message an admin to be admitted. If not you will be rejected by default.

++This is NOT a Club++
Just to make clarify any confusion, this is not a car club. Rather just a different medium to communicate. A Facebook version of a forum is all.-Terrence

-You can edit your notifications settings for the group in the top right corner since notifications may be overwhelming for some.

-When uploading multiple photos/videos, please upload as an album and not individually.

/R can be included at the beginning of every post if you wish to keep your new post/thread RESPECTFUL. Please take this as fair warning for commenters or the original poster who wishes to post/comment. Anybody who does not respect this will be promptly removed from this page.


++Event Conduct++
We will begin to enforce this very strictly at meets from now on.

There will be NO stupid behavior AT the meets, including but not limited to extremely high revving, burnouts, drifts, wreckless driving, etc.

You guys can do whatever you want on the way to meets and rollouts. I assume most of us are able to make proper judgment when messing about, but pull away from the group for those of us who want to keep it civil.

Also don't do any stupid stuff within the meet area. If you feel the need to burn tire or go do a fly-by, do it OUTSIDE of the parking lot or wherever the event is being held. You can do whatever you want out there.

We will make this clear at all of the meets. If you do anything that would endanger the possibility of us having a meet at that location again, we will ask you to leave. If you do not leave, we will have a police officer escort you from the premises as well as issue any tickets applicable.

Remember that management at these events allow us to use up their property for our use. We do not need to abuse that privilege.