Audi Club North America - National

Audi Club North America (ACNA) is the largest club of Audi afici...onados in the world. If you feel passionately about your Audi, this is the club for you!

We hope you will soon be enjoying the camaraderie and fun of networking with fellow Audi enthusiasts throughout North America.

Discover unique opportunities to enhance your Audi ownership experience - from technology and performance to lifestyle and community.

We do ask that you refrain from using profanity or images that others may find offensive. We also ask that you engage with other fellow group members in a respectful manner.

Items for sale/wanted:
For sale and wanted items are not permitted, neither are direct or indirect links to other URLs. You may use the page for soliciting help or opinions on a product, vendor or service.
We do have available a Classifieds page which you may opt to join for this purpose:

Official ACNA sponsors may use the page for highlighting events or new products, but may not canvass or solicit transactions using the page. Sponsors are encouraged to take these actions offline.

Video posts:
Please do not post videos of you or others engaged in illegal activities such as street racing, speeding on public roads, or filming whilst driving. These posts will be removed. Educational posts for example, such as results of texting and driving, road rage, track day events are permitted.

Although not required, we do encourage membership of the group, details of which can be found here: