Aussie Party Plan- Thinking of starting your own business!

Welcome to the group! This page was created as a gateway for people wanting more information about the Party Plan Industry. It's a place where people can connect with consultants and presenters from all different businesses. We are here to support one another and hopefully help you find your next career.

Rules- No spamming of any kind! You are only allowed to post your link/website if it is requested by somebody. From time to time, we may have a designated day for this, in order for you to advertise your site. So please do not post trying to get recruits or sales for your business!

No posting on top of other people- If somebody has already mentioned your business, you are not to post about yours. However, you can add your support towards that business if you wish.

No advertising of party trains etc- This is a place for potential new party planners.

No disrespecting people's company or them personally.

Files- The files section only allows one consultant per state/Territory, per company. You will be able to list all your details there. Please follow the format. Any issues, please contact admin.

Anybody that doesn't follow the rules will be removed without notice. This group is intended to be informative and supportive. It's designed to help people find their new Party Plan business.