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Please feel free to add your own listing to our page. We also welcome ads for new events, workshops and tours. Please feel free to add your post to our new sister group - International Psychic, Metaphysical & Spiritual Directory - free listings:

Australian Psychic, Metaphysical & Spiritual Directory (free) has been created to benefit everyone from the practitioner/psychic/reader and the client alike. By cutting down costs such as advertising, listings and self promotion we hope that this will pass onto the client so they may seek an affordable experience that is sure to benefit them.

Please be aware not to put your private information on here for public viewing.

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If you have multiple items for sale (more than 3) pop them in ONE post
This can be achieved in a number of ways..
*Photograph them all together & list one photo
*Get creative using a collage app/program (available online, google)
*Create an Album on your Facebook account. List here & link to your personal album (please ensure privacy settings are set to PUBLIC so all can view)
This will not only lessen the amount of individual posts making it easier for all but also make it easier for you to monitor & possibly sell more if people see you have other items for sale
*Please refrain from creating an album on this page


It's easy to find old posts - just click on the magnifying glass 'search' icon on the top right of the group, underneath the banner and enter a search term. It could be your name or the name of the person who posted or even just one word eg: car or rental. Every post or comment with those searched words in them will appear when you click search.


When commenting on a post, please keep your remarks relevant to the post. If comments start to head down a negative or potentially defamatory path, they will be removed. Comments that 'hijack' the original post will be removed.

Thanks for your co-operation everyone and happy posting! :o)