Authentic Designer Handbags (Coach/Michael Kors/and More)

This site is for buying/selling/ and trading authentic designer handbags. Please list any shipping information for people who may live in another state. Let's sell, swap and buy some bags and don't forget to invite your friends to join :)

*****DISCLAIMER... I have no legal control over any transactions made on this site. I have just created this site as an outlet to help people buy/sell and swap bags. Any agreement between you and another party in regards to a bag, is between you and the other party. I can do my best to help mediate the situation between the parties if there is an issue, but that is all I legally can do. However if someone scams you, lies to you, or doesn't meet up for a purchase with no contact, please let me know so I can remove them from this site. I sincerely hope everyone on here, has only good and honest intentions. If I find out they don't, they will be removed. Thank you, Admin********

1. All items MUST be listed with price, location, and if it's cross listed. "Make an offer" will not be accepted.
2. Trades are perfectly fine. However there are to be NO trades and then reselling the item for a higher price. I understand we all get items that sometimes don't work or we don't like in person. It's fine to resell, but if so, you have to resell it at the price the original seller listed it (maybe a few extra $ for time and gas).
3. This site is for AUTHENTIC designer handbags only. (Coach, Michael kors, dooney, lv, etc) If I do not feel that the purse is a designer bag, it will be removed. If you have questions, please pm me.
4. If I get 3 complaints about the same individual, you will be removed. I address every complaint I get, but I cannot spend time addressing the same individual over and over.
5. Do not create albums (most mobile users don't ever see them). Posting individual pictures on the main thread will allow your bag to sell much easier.
6. Do not repost the same bag multiple times... If you want to move it back up, bump it. If you need to change listing information, delete the first listing then relist.
7. If you post a bag on another site as well, please update the status on it... Such as PPU on another site, or person interested before you on another site. This keeps all potential buyers in the loop.
8. Please be courteous to all buyers and sellers. :)
9. Please post a picture of the serial numbers with the bags you post. Coach is the leather tag on the inside pocket, and Michael kors is a clear tag on the inside lining of the bags. If you need help locating your serial number, please contact me. :)