Autism Support Angus & Dundee

This group has been set up by parents of a gorgeous 6 year old boy who has Autism. (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) The purpose of the group is to be a place where parents and families can share experiences with one another, chat online, share any helpful tips and hopefully provide friendship and support to one another. Please let people know we are out there thanks x
Whilst we are happy to share different therapies, approaches, diet and interventions this group does not recommend you undertake any changes to your child's care without consulting their doctor or paediatrician first. If members wish to go into considerable detail about approaches/techniques they have found helpful please email details to Admin and we can upload them into our files section otherwise it clogs page. The creator and admin of this group are not prepared to take legal or financial responsibility for any changes you make to your child's care plan, and at all times ask you seek medical advice before changing your child's care. Members who breach our rules will be removed and banned permanently. If you are requesting to join please reply to message from admin which goes into your other folder in your inbox so your membership can be approved!