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group policy
1:no Spamming
2:no Racism
3:no Insults...
4:no Personal Attacks
5:no Attacks on Political or Religious figures
6:no Incentive comment
7:only Urdu,punjabi & English allowed
who will break these rules>>>>>he n she will be removed....bye bye
Enjoy Your Time in our group we hope u like it.......thanks....

η v ι т є ■ • This group is for all the boys and girls. • Everyone is the same. • Restrictions and Rules are applied here. • Be friends and share ur Ideas with ur friends & loved one's • Join this group and have

•○◦● ╔╬╝ ш.ε.l.c.θ.м.ε ╔╬╝ ●◦○•◦

This Group is For Them who know that being Happy is the solution to being Happy.

$мιlє & lαughтєя ι$ тhє ßє$т мєdιcιиє тø $тαy hєαlтhy .. αиd тø lєαd α pø$ιтιvє wαy øƒ lιƒє..
тhє αят øƒ lιvιиg ι$ αlяєαdy wιтhιи u$...
Lєт$ єxpløяє αиd gιvє α ßєттєя мєαиιиg тø lιƒє.

This Group Is For All Who Would
Like To 'LIVE' The Secrets Of HappineSS"


╚ ► Cнΐт Cнคт
╚ ►Ŧ└єятΐиg
╚ ► Tєคşΐηg
╚ ► Hค|└ค Gϋ|└ค

▬▬▬▬▬NΘT A|└ΘŴED▬▬▬▬▬

╚ ►คßϋşΐηg
╚ ► Ŧΐgнтΐηg
╚ ► šþคмΐηg
╚ ►ค∂vєятΐšмєηт


ħaṯḱẽlấ Ğṷǰǰāŕ


ẞǻʇ ɱɕȵ


ČĤote ŃÅwāß

ᑢᘴᖶᗴ ᖱᙦᕓᓮᒷ

Muhammad Hammad