Botswana National Front FOCUS GROUP

Botswana National Front (BNF) / Kopano/ Puo Phaa is a mass movement with the primary aim of liberating Botswana from capitalist exploitation by BDP and western imperialists. The BNF's primary aim is a Socialist economy which will be attained by first going through a National Democratic Revolution which is the organization's limited or short term program.
As the BNF we believe that all sections of the society must unite under one front to attain common goals such as:
1) Economic and political freedom to all
2) Proletarian Democracy
3) Free quality education
4) Nationalization of natural resources
5) Decent employment to all
6) Equal distribution of wealth to all
7) Free child care
8) Respect to human rights
9) Zero tolerance to sexism, ethnic discrimination
10) Free health care