Buffalo Bills Backers Club of San Diego, CA

We are a group of Nearly 300 Buffalo Bill's/Sabres fan currently living in So Cal.

We are a fun lovin, Beer Drinking, Beach going crew and we are always looking for more members who share our Love of Buffalo Sports!
Plus, if you are a Buffalo Sabres fan we also rent a party bus and drive North for Sabres games!!!

In addition to going to Bill's games as a group when they hit the West Coast we also meet up at OUR HOME BAR The www.pbalehouse.com in Pacific Beach for the games.

...For DownTown folks The East Village Tavern and Bowl (http://www.tavernbowl.com/east-village-tavern) is owned by a Western NYer and is also Bills/Sabres Friendly... so dont be afraid to check them out!!!!

Check out our website at WWW.SDBBC.ORG and get on our email list!

If you choose to join this group, you will be asked to prove for love for the Bills before being admitted. You can email us directly or will be asked for proof following your add request.

Thank you, Welcome, and Let's Go Buffalo!