The Bahamas Network

Your net worth is influenced by your network!

How to Network effectively:

1. Before you start networking, clean up your act (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, email address, appearance, communication skills and most importantly - your attitude).
2. Be able to bring something to the table for the people you intend to network with (a skill, your present network, Experience, passion, certification, research, an idea and outlet etc).

3. Network I.E. create business relationships - with an agenda) common interest, supply a demand or create a demand for a supply). If 1 plus 1 isn't going to equal to more than 2, why team up? If you don't want something from the relationship, why get in it? Feed the relationship!!!

4. Learn to Network on a budget:
Weekend breakfast, midday day tea or coffee, a beer (avoid meals), social, cultural and charitable events, volunteer to help the organizers of networking events, utilize social media and apps to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and work.