Hey Friends I'm Aleja Bennett, what are you doing in the way o...f opportunities these days?

What if I could show you some other marketing tools to help you build your existing business would you be interested in that?

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A few weeks ago I heard about a Business Management and Marketing System that will help you build what ever business you are working on.

Yes I know, just like you I was already busy with other projects yet this one stopped me in my tracks because of the structure of the comp plan and I'm really impressed with the team that is coming together.

So I chose to take a serious look at this business system and I decided I didn't want to miss this. Now it's on the front burner because this will help build other projects.

Would it be all right with you to send you some information that includes the time and phone number for our live overview calls that last approximately 20 minutes?

Btw this will not take 1000's of people to generate a good income you are only needing A TEAM OF 30 - WITH A MAXIMUM DOWNLINE OF 510 PEOPLE!!!!! Then get their email address and be sure to ask them what to put in the subject line so they know the email is coming from you.

When someone asks you WHAT IS IT? You can tell them that this is a: Business Management and Marketing Suite / System Sign up right here for only 55 dollars today We urge you to call Business Overview Call 1, 7 and 9pm est Monday through Saturday 712-432-0075 pin 856911#