Black History,What they did'nt teach us

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Talk about Black history around the world. Not so much as music being posted. We're never to old to learn. This is a way I thought that we could find a place we can learn from each other & relate it back to our young one's, we need to learn from each other.This is what was on my heart when I started this group. Much love to all God's people.(8-29-13) It has come to my attention that I need to make it clear to some about the group's policy of respecting other's within the group, people we are all adult's in here, so this action should not be called for. How ever I do want to point out that the "N" word will not be tolerated at all, also the Administrator's are: Jill Dymond, Mark Jones Sr, Brenda Williamson Smith

, Glen Kendricks & Ambi Victoria & Michael Ellis, Alphonsa Frazier.Michael Thomas,Clark David Tucker,Minerva Joseph, Frances Scott

Rules are easy.
. No,profanity,we should be able to hold a conversation as grown people without cusing each other out. No soliciting/spam/ads of any kind. No adding me to or post to join another group to member's. Bottom line, let's show respect for one-another while we're here. This is a place for us to learn and share. Take time to check out our file's, the rule's are listed there. Thank you!

Dear family: let's please enjoy ourselve's and have fun learning from each other, we have enough problem's in our daily lives so we don't need to deal with negative mess in here! Asante
:) David DuBose Jr