Black Men Run ATLANTA

And it begins: Black Men Run Atlanta, The Movement!!! #blackme...nrunatl #blackmenrun #ahealthybrotherhood

Chapter Mission Statement - To encourage health and wellness among African American Men by promoting a culture of physical activity primarily through running as well as other cardiovascular realms. This group is open to anyone at any level of physical fitness, we are here to be a support group for everyone from the beginner to the elite runner/athlete

The Ask –

(1) Most of all be inspiring to others, be supportive to group members regardless of fitness level, use your strengths to try to help the next brother advance
(2) Represent the club well. Watch your behavior and language while wearing Black Men Run gear, the world is always watching!
(3) Wear your Black Men Run gear to expos, community events, while training, traveling and especially to races. Doing this sends a message and has an unbelievable impact much like the ripple a tossed stone makes in a lake.
(4) When you share your running routes & workouts on social media, use the hashtag #blackmenrun #blackmenrun and #ahealthybrotherhood . Using these hashtags will make the terms searchable and help with spreading the word.
(5) Encourage your friends and others to come out. This group is the best kept secret in the world, let’s not a keep it a secret any longer
(6) Take running and this run group seriously! Set weekly and monthly goals for distance, pace, and participation in the group. Attend group runs and target races.

The Tell-

(1) Do not promote any business, product, race, or run without the approval of the Atlanta Captain, he is the coordinator for the group’s calendar and will make the decisions for the groups focus and alignments. Any promotion posted without approval will be taken down and will end in you being removed from the group.
(2) Regular Group Runs: Mondays at 6:30pm at either Grant Park or Piedmont Park. We have a monthly pinned post (skeleton calender), that lists our other runs, some supported races & our Target Races for the month. Facebook Evites are posted for all of our runs & target races.
(3) This page is just one tool for black men to support each other through fitness & accountability. With that being said, we do expect active participation once every 30 days. Active meaning: Post a workout, race, race result, positive message or even you just wearing your BMR gear to help other brothers to stay motivated.
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