Bangladesh Students Council In Finland (BSCF)

Bangladesh Students Council in Finland (BSCF) is a non profitable, voluntary organization to guide Bangladeshi students who are studying in different universities in Finland.

Slogan: Unite for brotherhood and strive for excellence.

Mission: Establishing a mutual cooperative and patriotic community by creating solidarity and brotherhood among Bangladeshi students.

Aims & Objectives:

1. Assisting new students with sufficient and accurate information.
2. Helping out the students in any practical issue.
3. Creating mutual understanding between the old & new students.
4. Trying to help new comers to be familiarized in new environment.
5. Meritorious students monitoring and student tutoring.
6. Raising up the voice to keep students right.
7. Taking initiative to do some social and student welfare activities in Bangladesh.
8. Establishing strong inter-communications between the students living in different cities in Finland.

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