BTA U.A.E.: The BoyzTown Academy United Arab Emirates Chapter (Open Group)

- Landline: 836-8246
- Mobile: 0915-300-0696
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- Twitter -!/OfficialBTA
- Email:
- BPI Account Number: 1599 1173 65
- BPI Account Name: Baron Rodriguez Venturina
- Baron, COO -

BoyzTown Academy (BTA) is the largest Philippine-based all-male social network to date with interests primarily in, but not limited to facebook, twitter, youtube, online radio, text clans, production, and events. BTA was founded as a group on March 2010 by Boy*Star. The group is best known for it's own Showbiz Industry, League of Professional Administrators, Periodic Grand Events, Units, Campuses, and Chapters. And today the group has expanded to what it seemed to be the largest male-exclusive social media empire in the country.

- It's where you Learn & Grow...
- The Philippines' Largest Social Network Exclusive For Men
- In the Service of Men Worldwide
- There's no other BIG like it...

Be True Always!

In a world where double standard of discrimination takes place, there is a need of an hour to find an avenue where equality exists- to feel the real sense of belonging and to enjoy the right to love & be loved.

A Total Academy Exclusive For Men

- Promote equality
- Provide a shelter
- Enrich awareness
- Address life-long needs
- Strive to achieve quality living
- Encourage questioning minds
- Bridge boundaries across communities
- Fill the gap between experience and knowledge

- Truth
- Honor
- Excellence
- Freedom
- Awareness
- Brotherhood
- Love
- Equality
- Spirituality

Red Magic Dragon

- I Love BTA ---> Reasoning (WHY)
- I am BTA ---> Witnessing (WHO)
- One BTA, Go! ---> Unity
- myBTA ---> Ownership
- fBTA 24/7 Unlimited ---> Lifestyle
- BTA @ 2: TWOgether We Conquer ---> Longevity

- Boy*Star (CEO) -
- Baron (COO) -

- Nationwide Network
- Global Community
- Clan
- Radio
- Public Service
- Entrepreneurship
- Segments
- General Groups
- Exclusive Groups
*Showroom Live!
*World TOPnotchers - First Class
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BoyzTown Academy is an admin-assisted group. An admin is a strict implementer of the group rules and regulations.

BTA has a distinct heirarchy of administrators:
- Owners
- Officers
- Power Admins
- Star Admins
- Chapter Leaders
- Segment Correspondents

*By protocol, a member cannot go directly to an owner without consulting an officer first.

Since we are called BoyzTown Academy and tagged as a network exclusive for men, we only welcome:
- Straight Men
- Bisexuals
- Gaymen
- and the likes

All girls are not allowed. And as far as this rule is concerned, we also disallow:
- Shemales
- Effems
- Transexuals
- and the likes

Posers are not allowed. *Posers are people who try to pretend they are someone they are not. They lie about what they really are.

A member can be classified as:
- General Member (without Fan Sign)
- Exclusive Member (with Fan Sign/ Webcam Appearance)
--- Top Member (with Fan Sign & Webcam Appearance plus 'X' Factor)

There shall be no flooding when posting and commenting. *Flooding is the act of repetitive posting/commenting chaotically.

Members must always exemplify good manners and right conduct.

When someone makes a mistake – whether it's a spelling error or a spelling flame, a stupid question or an unnecessarily long answer – be kind about it. If it's a minor error, you may not need to say anything. Even if you feel strongly about it, think twice before reacting. Having good manners yourself doesn't give you license to correct everyone else. If you do decide to inform someone of a mistake, point it out politely, and preferably by private message rather than in public. Give people the benefit of the doubt; assume they just don't know any better. And never be arrogant or self-righteous about it. Just as it's a law of nature that spelling flames always contain spelling errors, notes pointing out Netiquette violations are often examples of poor netiquette.

Only BTA activities and concerns must be advertised on the group wall. Thus, there shall be no extra promotion.

No plugging of any other group, fan page, blog site, twitter accounts, and the likes for BTA is not a campaign arena. *Any link that is not related to BTA is prohibited.

There shall be no naked/nude photos. Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group, or that contain nudity, drug use, violence, or other violations of the Terms of Use.

In uploading a single photo, academicians must upload fan signs and fan arts only. *A fan sign can only be considered valid if a member is simultaneously photographed with a BTA fan material. It must not be a merely edited photo with an inserted 'BTA' word or logo. *Any photo that is not related to BTA is prohibited.

In uploading an album, all kinds of solo pictures are allowed as long as the said album contains a BTA Fan Sign on the top of it. (Applicable only for BTA Exclusive Groups.)

Pornographic materials such as sex videos/ scandals and the likes are not allowed.

Academicians must upload BTA-related videos only. *Any video that is not related to BTA is prohibited.

The Documents Section is the official communication of BTA-FB Groups so only admins are allowed to create and edit documents. Thus, there shall be no member-created/ member-edited document.

A special purpose document called as "Running Document" is provided for every BTA-FB Group to cater all kinds of ads desired by members. *The purpose of this document is to compile all ads in a single file only.

Directories can also be found in the documents section to facilitate the operations of BTA Interactive (clan).

You will be banned from the whole BTA System if you violate any of the mentioned rules.

The above-mentioned rules may still be subject to some alterations or modifications by the request of a chapter leader.

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___ The Royal Society of BTA Admins ___


Chief Operating Officer (COO)






BoyzTown Academy is an admin-assisted group that is constantly growing. Thus, we are continuously looking for potential admins who can serve for a better BTA.

As we continuously commit to the highest standards of performance and quality to deliver unrelenting service to all Men worldwide, we are opening our door to dynamic, competent, goal and results-oriented individuals looking for career growth and personal advancement like YOU.

We believe that our people determine the success of our group. We hire and retain the best and invest in the development of our Human Resources. Here at BTA, everyone is encouraged to discover their potential and be the best they can be.

Being a BTAer is about passion, dedication, hard work, loyalty, aspiring and doing the best, achieving world class standards and service.

Be part of the team as we continuously bring the name of BTA to the forefront, breaking barriers, innovating and pioneering endeavors, enriching the lives of our fellow men here and abroad and building communities wherever they may be.

✬♂♥♂✬ BTA @ 2: TWOgether We CONQUER

As the Philippines' Largest Social Network Exclusive For Men, I'm excited to tell you that it has been a tremendous first two years for BoyzTown Academy -- two glorious years of continuous reinvention, two awesome years of soaring higher and higher each day -- and we have YOU to thank for it! With it's global operations, BTA has expanded to what it seemed to be the largest male-exclusive social media empire in the country today.

In it's two years of existence, here are the prime reasons why BTA is THE ONE:
1.) GLOBALLY KNOWN (International Feat) ---> Iba na ang SIKAT!
2.) NATIONWIDE INVASION (From Chapters to Clusters) ---> Matatag!
3.) More than THREE THOUSAND (3,000+) Fan Signs ---> still counting...
4.) Over 100 BTA Stars all over the world (Power Stardom) ---> Makinang!
5.) Outstanding IDENTITY (Over 5,000 Patents & Trademarks) ---> ORIGINAL
6.) Over 15,000 spectators (Standard & Trend Setter) ---> ABILITY
7.) Revolutionary CONCEPTS (Superior IQ) ---> Hindi matatawaran!
8.) Remarkable Events & Activities (Periodic) ---> Consistency & Continuity
9.) Valued Donors & Sponsors (Strong Foundation) ---> Unkabogable!
10.) TOP CALIBER League of Professional Admins ---> Excellence in Leadership
11.) Over 1,000 Certified True BTAers ---> For Good & for Real!
12.) The Philippines' Largest Social Network Exclusive For Men ---> The FIRST
13.) The ONE and THE ONLY Group of Men where YOU can LEARN & GROW
14.) A whole NEW WORLD for a NEW BREED of MEN (Mga Bagong Nilalang)
15.) Two (2) Philippine Celebrity Endorsements ---> Enchong D. & Paolo B.
16.) Four (4) Manila Bulletin Citations ---> Breakthrough in Print Media
17.) The record will show, there for the world to see, the rest is HISTORY...

From Fan Signs to Fan Videos. From Eyeballs to Grand Events. From First Class Star Banners to BTA Centerfolds. From Members to ADMINS. As the founder of BTA, I can't explain the feeling each time I see a guy taking himself with 'I Love BTA' Fan Sign (not to mention our Celebrity Endorsers). How much more delight and pride I'm feeling when I see the admins enjoying what they are doing and at the same time rendering services compensated with 'Labor of Love'. It is for these AWESOME reasons why I immediately run to my table, open my laptop, and check what's new in BTA Walls each morning to the extent of missing all other things planned for a specific day. Yes, BTA has gone a long way. It may not achieve the status it enjoys right now if not for the PEOPLE who have worked hand-in-hand to take good care of it. AND THAT'S WHAT I'M MOST GRATEFUL OF. As I always say, thank you for the LEGACY.

You and I know that right now, in this day and age, we have already succeeded in introducing ourselves as the world's new breed of men. A more vibrant and established future is certainly ahead of us. You can trust that the Royal Society of BTA Admins is at the forefront in leading each and every BTAer by heart toward a total academy where you can learn and grow. Our relentless pursuit for truth, honor, and excellence in everything we do is our leverage to deliver word-class service to all our members. And as another year unfolds, you can count on BTA to continue evolving for the good of it's entirety.

So, please, join us as we celebrate "TWOgether We CONQUER". Double the pleasure, double the fun. Choose to be happy, choose BTA!

BTA Founder/ Chairman/ CEO