Bakweri Culture and Tradition

Abbreviated Bakweri SHOP.

"The survival of our culture in a cha...nging world"

Bakweri Culture and Tradition team was founded in 2014 by Michael Mbake whose purpose is:

• To discover, learn and / or adapt to the culture and traditions the Bakweri people;
• To promote and maintain the values of this group;
• To share and discuss topics related in strict compliance with the basic rules of civility, courtesy, decency promoted by this Charter.
The group is primarily for those who for various reasons wish to discover or deepen the living reality of the Bakweri people through His Essence. To this end, the group Bakweri SHOP is open to anyone upon request and is subject to any other procedure of admission of members by setting up Facebook for a group like ours.

Bakweri SHOP apolitical and yet its administrators reserve the right to publish any information deemed useful and nonpartisan related to the socio-political situation in Cameroon.
The process of Bakweri SHOP is part of a logic of learning, sharing, promotion and sharing. Apart from the promotion of an event or an event directly related to the objectives of the group, any other form of advertising is prohibited. The member shall be responsible for an ad beyond the scope of group goals will be served a warning, and in case of recidivism, blocked or simply excluded from the group.

We sincerely believe that, in the quest of ours, consideration and understanding of other ways of thinking and traditions and can be beneficial to our members. However, the group can not be used to make an exhaustive study of another tradition. Those interested in such an approach and such a discussion should make the appropriate forums.

This Charter shall be subject to amendment. All members will be informed to this effect by a publication on the wall of the group or by any means considered helpful by Administration. The validation of the request of a member to join the group is made on the principle of default and irrevocable acceptance of all the provisions of this charter.
BASH also as charitable & Volunteering group, we will be working with home base Bakweri students, youths, and women associations to promote our culture & unity. Joining hands to make the youths self sufficient both educational & career wise and have good moral value .


{God stood before Bakweri SHOP failures & Carry the cross for the BASH Members shame.IN GOD We Trust }

Sincerely yours! .....Loading