Freedom Lifestylers Life by Design Not By Default #FreedomLifestylers


Welcome to Freedom Lifestylers Space

Freedom lifes...tyler is someone who lives life by Design not by Default,
an Explorer of Possibilities
especially in choosing an Income Path
based on Passion & Purpose
Amplified on Social Media
allowing one to live a life of choice
doing what they love
without worry of surviving the day to day bills!


I created this group
so like-minded individuals
who are looking for alternative ways to Live a life & Earn Income
to support to Live a Freedom Based Lifestyle
being in love with Life and Yourself Every day!

Please no spamming.
If you spam you will be deleted and banned from the group.
We're about sharing freedom lifestyle nuts and bolts
in spirit of support and inspiring each other :)

Inspiring Your Freedom Lifestyle
<3 Suria

There will be lots of free tips, webinars and
training sessions online soon to support you moving forward!

Here's for Starters!

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About Suria

Suria Wakes Up on Passion not the Alarm Clock!

She was a former school teacher
who quit her cushy stable job to pursue the road less travelled.

After Losing $580,000 in her journey,
10 years later, she discovered her ultimate freedom
In doing what she loves,
Writing, Speaking and Being her Authentic Self on Social Media.

She is now a Celebrity Social Media Influencer
who reaches out to
over 70 million people around the world via her social media platform.

Having made over 10 million in sales,
she is now one of Asia's Fastest Wellness Millionaire in her industry,
a Celebrity Nutritionist with her talk shows,
spoken at the United Nations
and Featured on Wall Street Journal
as the World's Top 20 Game Changers.

She is a bookworm, chocolate addict and cat lover :)

~ Inspiring Your Freedom Lifestyle!

♥ Suria Mohd
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