The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) is comprised of regular Belizeans and true friends of Belize, who not only love, but also stand up for Belize.

Successive GOB administrations, have failed to engender a sound understanding , among our people, that Belize is recognised by the world community as a sovereign nation, WITH ITS TERRITORY IN TACT! This has resulted in an uninformed population, in which the essence of patriotism does not abound.

Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to promote patriotism by way of proactive means which includes attuning Belizeans to all matters which identify, define and ensure our national Belizean identity. One of these, which embodies the core of our overall goal, is to clearly identify and ensure that Belize's Western BORDER is clearly demarcated and that the farcical designation of an "adjacency zone" is discarded once and for all.

By way of progressive and proactive actions, we aspire to heighten the consciousness of the Belizean people concerning the realities associated with Guatemala's unfounded claim to our sovereign territory.

We are the BTV...guardians of our national patrimony and defenders of "The Jewel"... BELIZE!