The Bermuda Area Residents Page

Welcome to the Bermuda Area Residents Page.

The aim of this page is to help our community who live on the ancient Manor of the Knights Templar that consists of 750+ houses at Bermuda Village, Bermuda Park, Templars Court and Penns Croft with a population of over 4000 people.

The aim of the page is to spread news around our small community that is, by a quirk of the road network isolated from the rest of Nuneaton. If you have anything to contribute, please feel free to post on here.

If any member of this page has a business that they would like to promote and adds value and enriches our community, please feel free to do so. Any information that helps other resident is also valued. Please do not cover the page with your adverts. The page rule is ONE advert per seller until it drops from the bottom of the page. This is to prevent the site becoming a sales site. It is an information page for the Four Estates in the Bermuda Area. Information is hard enough to come by for local residents being isolated on the edge of Nuneaton.

While posts are not moderated, page administrators will delete posts that are libellous, abusive, racist, would be considered by the majority to be bullying, or spamming adverts that break the page rules.
Thank you, Ian, Lance, Bekki