Best of Nancy

I know you're wondering how this group will be different than Gr...ow With Nancy, right?

I want to give more to our faithful members of BON! Many of you have been with me from the very beginning. You loyally stood by as we build a new site after the old one had been hacked. You have been patient as we have worked on new pages and additions that would benefit you even more.

One VERY important thing has been missing in our new Best of Nancy. We used to have a forum in the old site where we could talk back and forth to each other - but, the forum was confusing and not easy to use so it was archived. I miss that interaction and I believe you do too.

Starting this new year, I want you to have more access to me. You are in a quickly growing group of faithful friends. I want to be able to pay extra attention to you. We can talk more, and I will enjoy encouraging and supporting you like I haven't been able to in the past.

I will still post in Grow With Nancy from time to time, but YOU, as BON members, will be able to talk directly to me more often. You can ask questions in this group. You can post photos of handmade items if you may have questions about them. And, anything new that is added to the BON site, will also be posted in this Private Facebook group.

It is so easy and comfortable to talk, encourage and share with each other in a Facebook group. It is easy for me to make sure your questions are answered by me or one of my expert moderators. I want to give back to you!

Since this is a brand new Facebook page, I ask that you be patient with us as we are adding information for you. You will be seeing new things every few days as this group is set up to answer your questions, and help you succeed online!