Bill Maher for President

This group is dedicated to celebrating the humorist Bill Maher, his politics, beliefs, love of pot, and his general disdain for conservatives, religion, and the GOP/Tea Party. Here, we discuss current issues and share political humor, especially if it's at the expense of the Tea Party, creationists, gun nuts, and anyone who eschews reason and common sense.

The terms of membership are simple. If you agree with some or all of the principles in the previous paragraph, then you're welcome to join. The following behavior won't be tolerated:

- Trolling
- Bullying
- Religious fanaticism
- Threats of violence
- Spreading hate

Anyone is welcome to join, but if you use inflammatory language to incite others, force your religious beliefs on others, or disrespect any of our members, then you will be ejected from the group.

Welcome and HAVE FUN!