Bristol City Online Flea Market

This is a place for everyone in the Tri Cities to post items they may want to sell or trade. Only post LEGAL items. NOTICE: please do not "like" an item unless you are interested in buying that item. it confuses sellers. Unlike other yardsale groups you can post links to other groups on here as I personally know how difficult it is to have to repost everything to about 10 different groups, however if you have multiple items to sell please create an album so as not to congest the page. It is common courtesy to do this as other people cannot post things to sell or look at other items if they have to scroll through about 10 postings from the same person. Respect the admins. If they ask you to do something or notify you of something that needs to be corrected, do as they ask. Sorry it has to be this way but it had to be fair for everyone. A link is fine if you have only one posting. Anything more, make an album. All postings of for sale items must have a photo, price and description as well as location and if it must be picked up or if you can meet. To notify a seller you are interested in their item simply comment to alert them and then talk with them. If you choose to pass on that item please notify them. First comment is first in line for bidding and so on and so forth. To keep adds alive you may bump them once a day. Be careful where you choose to meet with one another. Anyone posting pyramid scams or spam will have their post removed and will be banned. Anyone looking to con someone will be banned if your posts fit the criteria, this is to protect buyers and sellers. This is for tri cities yardsale items only not your independent website. As with an actual yardsale you may haggle with one another unless the poster says they are firm on a price. if so please have the respect not to ask them to lower it. No advertising on anothers post. if you wish to sell an item make your own posting. Attention group members. Do not under any circumstances invite Mazie reed or her husband Brian pappas to any groups. He is a sex offender. Admins are myself ( Laki Actually Lucid), Stephen Actually and santana Michelle. if you have a complaint about anything notify one of us and we will look into it. Now that all the formalities are over, Have fun, good luck and happy hunting!!