Blackpool & Fylde COAST Past, Present and Future.

The Groups name says it all.
This is a CELEBRATION of the Fyld...e's magnificent coastline.
I spent my formative years living within yards of Norbrecks cliffs, followed by a 25 year career with the Gazette and associated titles before spending fifteen years running seasonal businesses above Central Beach.
I have been collecting postcards and images of Blackpool and the Fylde for many years and I'm happy to share them with you along with what
knowledge I've picked up along the way.
My favourite images and interest have always been the coastal fringe in all its guises.
The sea, beaches, promenades, places of entertainment, hotels, piers, geology, geography, flora and fauna and last but not least the people who have worked and played by the sea over the decades.
From the sandy dunes in the south through its vibrant commercial centre to its historic port in the north and all the places in between will be covered in the group.
Your comments, written and photo posts are very welcome
Please be mindful this group is primarily about the coast it's history and it's future as well as the many businesses and activities which make it so diverse
Members should limit their posts to two a day.
Now the group has grown we now have scores of images posted daily
With this in mind will members please ensure images posted are of some merit and of REAL INTEREST to other members
There is a reasonable expectation from group members of those posting that they do have some knowledge regarding what they have have posted and can answer some of the members questions.
Unless of course the post itself is asking a question.
Images posted which do not fit with this criteria will be removed.

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The group will be overseen with a light hand on the tiller.
Just a few sensible rules to make it a pleasant place for all to visit..
Posts should be about the Fylde Coastline.
Be polite, tolerant and helpful to other members.
No criticising other members post direct to implied
No politics or religion.
No bad or abusive language or.
NO Advertising this includes lost and found, charities and events.....we have a ZERO policy and offending posts will be removed without explanation and posters will risk being removed and blocked from the group.
No Googled or other images which are watermarked or marked in such a way which indicates they are not to be used elsewhere or for other reasons .
No tedious, pointless negative moaning about the towns and the way they are run.
No links to other Facebook Groups should be posted without checking first.
No swamping the group with easily Googled images and links.