BookAholic Café

Welcome to BookAholic Café! It's a place where all are welcome t...o discuss the love of books. We have book giveaways and gift card giveaways. This is a group for people who love to read, meet people who love to read, discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. Feel free to discuss any author, genre of books, libraries, and bookshelves. Please feel free to share any photos of your books, where you love to read, libraries and anything book related. Meet people just like you who love books, words, libraries, and bookshelves!

Sammy's bit is done, and I'm the other admin Amp. I'm here merely to explain the rules of this group, as all things require a balance of rules to keep the peace. Yes, even silly facebook groups. These rules are posted in the description for reference and are subject to change. If a rule is changed it will be declared before the description is updated, so keep your eyes peeled for updates actually posted in the group, not just in this description. Anyhoot, here they are.

1.) Keep it friendly: This is a social group and therefore people will have their own opinion about certain topics. As the majority of this group is mature enough, I would like to assume that we can respect each others opinions and not bash on each other because she said or he said. If you disagree, would like to debate, keep it clean. Don't get nasty or mean, or the post will be shut down.

2.) Advertising: It's only done on the weekends. From sun up on Saturday til sun down on Sunday anyone is allowed to post ads or links to their works as long as they meet the following criteria.
-It is advertised in an appropriate manner so that the potential consumer knows what they're getting into
-The link/ad is virus free and doesn't lead to any suspicious or distrusted domains or websites.
-The advertisement hasn't already been posted that current weekend. Please wait a week or two before reposting the same ad.
Note: People around the world experience the weekend differently depending on timezones. This being said those who post a day early will stop a day early. I check every authors location if they post early to make sure that it is indeed the weekend where they are at.

3.) Creating an event: Events created by the group members are allowed, as long as they are approved by either of the admins.

4.) If you want to post regarding a book and it contains spoilers, please advise at the beginning of the post with a SPOILER ALERT and the name of the book.

5.) If you want to do any type of giveaway please contact me, Sammantha McGrath, the Administrator with all the information and we will go from there.

See, not that bad. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in deletion of material, or for repeated or brutal offenses removal and banishment from the group.
Contact either of the admins if you have any questions or concerns.