The Astonishing School of Gifted Nerds


(A new rule has been added, to get rid of spam, ads ...and other posts which don't belong to this group)

(1) You can not post external links, Except links from YouTube and Vimeo..!
If you really want to share something you can open link> take screenshots of whole stuff> post those photos.(Otherwise you can contact admins)

(2) You are not allowed to post, direct porn/nudes and spam posts.

(3)Promoting your pages, profiles, groups etc. is verboten.

(4) Religious talk and posts are not allowed, because there are people from different religions who may have different thoughts and views. No one is allowed to violate any religion and make fun of other religion and nations, states and countries.

(5)Political posts/debates are not allowed.

If someone violates any rule, he will be given an initial warning, his post will be deleted. If he repeats same thing, he will be removed from group.
If you have questions and queries you can contact admins (Inbox/Pinned post is best way to contact).

Please be cooperative. (y)