SWA / Angolan Border War 1966-1989

SWA & Angola Border War is an open group to discuss the 1966 - 1989 " Border War ". Ons het baie familie en vriende verloor.

Die meeste van ons het 'n vriend of twintig gewin. Ons het internasionale vriende gemaak en verloor. Kom ons gebruik hierdie forum om die saak soos volwasse mense te bespreek sonder om rassehaat of hedendaagse politiek in te bring nie. Daar is oorgenoeg ander forums wat dit bespreek. Voor jy iets opsit - dink aan die onderwerp waaroor dit gaan.

Anything is welcome as long as you prescribe to the subject at hand. The 1966 - 1989 Border War.

Some house Rules:

In the interests of maintaining a healthy on-line group community.

Comments, videos, links, photos and documents posted on this face book page that serve to counter-act the missions, policies and values of the South African Legion and/or are designed to create disharmony and conflict to the broad consensus of the group will be removed.

We also ask that you make sure your posts don't contain:

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We will monitor this page to ensure that these simple rules are being followed. We will delete posts, comments and where necessary ban users that break these rules.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

The Administrators