Boxers in Australia

Boxer owners and friends from Australia. Feel free to join and post some photo's of your boxer and discuss the breed.

I hope nobody decides to get bitter over controversial issues, such as ear cropping, tail docking, etc. It is 'controversial' there are going to be differing opinions, but do not attack anyone's personal choice or opinion. Constructive comments are welcome, for those who wish to provide links to external resources on the issue are also welcome to do so. There is also a thing called a 'Breed Standard' of which Boxer owners should become familiar with if they haven't already. Please ensure you are aware of the ANKC 'code of ethics' which this group is 100% supportive of. Ensure that any post you make or image you upload to this group is made with an understanding of what you are doing. We are not willing to go soft on those who break the rules or attempt to abuse the system by claiming ignorance after the fact. If you are not sure about something please ask.

Zero Tolerance for unregistered breeders advertising pups

Zero Tolerance for the promotion and/or support of unregistered breeders.

Zero Tolerance for unethical breeding of Boxers
(please refer to the ANKC code of ethics for an explanation of 'ethical breeding)

This group is not affiliated with any Boxer Breed Club or any other Club/Organisation.


"Other breeds have pronounced specialized talents . . . . hunting, herding, trailing, and so on . . . but for a combination of the outstanding virtues of many with the faults of a few, our Boxer is the most gifted of canines. For the man, woman or child who wants an all-round dog, he has no equal. No other dog is more individual in appearance, more keenly intelligent or sanely even-tempered. These virtues alone are priceless if the dog is to become part of his master's family, which he should for the well-being of all concerned. The Boxer has a faculty of worming his way into the good graces and the hearts of an entire household. He seems to offer something special to each person he meets. It's astonishing, but true . . ."
John Wagner, The Boxer