Prospective members, our rules of admission excludes aliases and... fake profiles as well as Companies or organisation. This is a group for people, real people who do not need to hide behind anonymity to make a point. Shorty Redzz and Lil Mss Trini, we cant add you for the same reason we cant add Top Shotta Boss or Pizza Boys.

If you joined Facebook less than a year ago you are going to need a member of the group in good standing to add you so we can approve. A free space for news, politics and current affairs expression and debate.

Our rules are simple:

Show respect - Do not attack other members personally.
Do not break the laws of the land.
No advertising allowed.
No trolling allowed (If you don't know what trolling is, Google it).
We do not tolerate being told what we can and cannot discuss. If you do not like the group no permission is required to leave it.
We delete obscenities, not because we're prudes but because our group is open and we don't want others thinking we have no respect for ourselves and others reading.
This is not your personal wall so please no memes and daily quotes.
Racist posts are deleted and the posters removed from the group without explanation.

By joining this group you agree to respect all other members and their contributions and to focus your arguments on the issues not the people posting. We take freedom of speech very seriously in this group.

We do not have a babysitting facility. We trust that everyone who joins can read and understand. Attacking other members or their posts may result in instant removal without warning.

If you understand all of that and agree, welcome aboard.