This group is a family atmosphere so that means RESPECT is a must!!!! The words RETARDED or RETARD are not permitted under any circumstances. These terms are offensive and being that BBFO is gonna be doing charity work with people with special needs it is just respectful that we don't use these words. Also don't use FAG, FAGGOT, etc. etc. Racial Slurs regardless of context are also NOT Permitted. Also anyone telling someone to "Go Kill Themself" Will automatically be removed from the group! Let's act like respectful adults and have some fun.
The rules are simple...
1. All Bills related opinions are welcome, but respect each other. Also any bash or negativity towards the Admins of this group is subject to an immediate ban from group.
2. You will only be banned if you break the following rules, no personal attacks on other members, no blocking ADMINS for any reason.No spamming, stalking, trolling, and no fans of other NFL teams besides the Bills! Thanks for being apart of it!
3. Promoting other Bills Related groups are Welcome here. We are all family and support all other groups. If you do promote another group, please be sure to share our group over there as well.
4. From time to time issues may occur causing you to be upset or leave another Bills related group. We ask that you do not come to vent here on this board. We support all other Bills related groups equally
5. Women and Men are Amazing and fun to look at. If posting a picture of yourself or someone else please be sure that the picture is DECENT. Respectfully dressed pictures of you wearing Bills gear or Game photos are always Welcome. Respect yourself and the group.
Have fun with the group! Go Bills!