Business Card Network

Welcome to the BCN! We were created for one reason, and one reason only; to create cost effective leads to support local business.
Here's how the BCN works:

*Local business with a store front have the option of receiving a FREE business card holder full of members cards which will be maintained and stocked regularly, as well as one slot on the rack for their cards. They have the option of joining the BCN for only $50 every THREE months, this will put their cards in the cycle.

*Business's who choose not to, or can not maintain a location for the racks can still benefit from the BCN. The cost for membership is $125 start up, this includes a discount on printing your cards through and the placement and restocking of your provided cards. There will be a $50 every THREE month charge to stay in the program.

Cards will be moved around to different stores constantly to ensure maximum exposure, they are not limited to one location, your cards Will be in multiple stores.