Business Connections UK

Business Connections UK is the quickest way to make new contacts... on Facebook, whether you're looking for clients, service providers, or business partners - they'll all be checking out the Business Connections UK group. You can proudly post your business or services to the group and Facebook will alert all members direct by sending an email to their PC, tablet or phone. If you're looking to make a particular kind of connection, say so - and potential members will post their services to your request. Make sure you visit the group often for people looking for what you can offer and respond to their request. It's easy and effective.

The idea is simple:
1. Jot down what your business is looking for (a web designer, an accountant, a logo, etc).
2. Post it to the Business Connections UK group, along with your contact details.
3. Look out for an email alert from Facebook or visit the Business Connections UK group page.

That's it. Now you have contacts of the people and companies who can help provide whatever your business is looking for.
And the system works both ways. So, if you see a business that may like your help, post your services to the Business Connections UK group. A chance to finally be noticed at the cost of social networking.