Buying and Selling Pink Dolphin

This group is for LGNDS, if you want to buy, sell or trade Pink Dolphin. No other products allowed. RULES: You must put a Picture that you took not one from a website when selling. you can say or best offer(obo) also you may do s/o, when you do boo it has to be reasonable to though. NO Posting stuff your selling on ebay, and can not promote any other brands. If you dont follow rules your post will be deleted. If you scam anyone, You will be banned. Any other rules or questions please let the admins know. Don't just put someone on blast either if your having an issue with another member or suspect that member of being a scammer contact an administrator.
admins: Dao Fousseni Jr, Fonz Gully, Ulysses Freeman, taishi Masubuchi, and Steven James Higuera