Calvert County Business/Retail Supply Cabinet

When we closed Big Top Kids Consignment Shop we found that we have a lot of items that we wouldn’t be using at home, but might not necessarily be appropriate for the online yard sale sights. So we thought that some of the other small businesses and/or consignment shops might need some of the items we were selling. So I decided to start this group and invite people to take a look at what we have. You might find something that you are looking for but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for it. You may even find something you hadn’t given any thought to also.
Since I don’t see that we will be nearly as active as all the various sites, I just ask that you be fair to the people answering your post and give them time to respond. I think if they don’t get back to you within 4 hours move onto the next person (if there is a next person). But if it is after 10 p.m., please give them until the next morning to respond. Not everyone will be a night owl like me.
Please feel free to add any items that you aren’t using any more too, and feel free to invite your friends that might have their own business.