This group is an on-line exchange for all CEG'ians - students, ...alumni, faculty and administration of College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. The primary purpose of this group is to serve as an on-line exchange for CEG'ians to network, collaborate, share ideas, vision, passion and work together to continuously promote the CEG brand globally. Our ultimate goal is to make CEG the best college in the world and CEGAM to be the best and most successful on-line college network in the world.

The group was initially established to promote CEGAM (College of Engg, Guindy, Global Alumni Meet). The CEGAM initiative was led by AACEG (Alumni Assoc of CEG). More details can be obtained by visiting www.cegam.in. After the successful conduct of the first ever CEGAM event, this forum has continued to flourish and serve as a permanent on-line forum for the benefit of all CEG alumni.

Most recently, the forum is open for all CEG'ians - students, alumni, faculty and administration. To qualify for a membership, the person needs to have their CEG association (including degree and year of graduation or their CEG title) clearly shown in their FB profile. All current members are encouraged to add their CEG FB friends to this forum to help us grow the group.

Hello CEGians,
It's really exciting to see that this exchange serves as a platform for all CEG'ians on discussions/debates related to CEG/AACEG. We've come a long way with our total strength being just 200 members in early 2011 to over 4000 members as of April 2012. From our inception, there has been very many healthy and productive exchanges and debates on various topics benefiting all the members.

Over the times, we had also seen some posts which the moderators had to remove from this forum for various reasons. In light of this, we had formulated earlier and would like to restate now, the following simple guidelines that all of us can follow while posting in this forum.

1) Use this forum to discuss topics related to CEG/AACEG only.
2) Do not use this forum for seeking financial solicitations of any form.
3) Do not use this forum to seek support for political rallies, mass movements that are not related to CEG/AACEG
4) Do not use profanities in your posts. This is a professional forum and as such decent language is expected when one posts in this forum. Profanity in any form (curse words either fully spelt out or short forms or acronyms or other forms) will not be allowed
5) Do not make personal attacks or comments that are of harassing nature on any particular member of this forum. Focus on the CEG/AACEG issue and not on any particular individual.
6) Do not use the forum for any commercial purposes. No marketing, no sales pitch, or any other business promotions.
7) Do not use this forum as a recruitment or matrimonial portal
8) Do not use this group to replace other forms of local communications such as department or hostel or college notice boards.
9) Please ensure the contents of all posts and comments are relevant to ALL stakeholders

These are very simple guidelines and we hope that all of you will agree with these guidelines to make the discussions in this forum more effective. Please do not consider that these guidelines are being formed to curtail freedom of speech in any form. All the members should continue to confront CEG/AACEG issues in a constructive manner and bring in their view points in a positive way. Have fun and let us work together to make CEG the world best college and CEGAM the best and most successful on-line college exchange in the world.