This group is for buying, selling, & trading of infant, children & teen clothing & accessories ONLY in the Casa Grande area. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD + IN ORDER TO BE A MEMBER. All areas are welcome as long as you are willing to travel to Casa Grande or a mutually agreed location. You can bump your items every 24 hours. Respect each other and be polite. The seller can choose to sell to the person that can pick up the soonest. When you post [INTERESTED] please have money in hand and be prepared to meet, unless the seller is willing to hold they can skip you and move on. If the majority find this unacceptable I'm willing to modify the rules, however I have found that money talks and know the rest. I have stuff still sitting in my garage waiting to be picked up. Get to know your group members because we are all neighbors and eventually we all run into each other at the grocery store or Wal-mart. We want those moments to be with a smile...not a bad experience relived. I'm all for humor and a good time, but we all have kids so keep the dialogue nice, clean and polite because my kids are generally reading my posts and all of yours. Please don't block any ADMIN as that will get you put in timeout (outside the group)