CIDRA - Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association

Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association
CIDRA is a recently organized not-for-profit association which is in the process of seeking formal registration as such pursuant to Section 80 of the Companies Law (2004 Revision). It currently has a voluntary membership of about 30 racers and racing enthusiasts and has elected a Board comprised of Mr. Samuel Jackson, President; Mr. Richard M. Bodden, Vice-President; Mr. Dail Davis, Secretary, and Mrs. Erna Davis, Treasurer. CIDRA has recently elected two additional Board members, namely Messrs. Rhian Campbell and Michael Webster, to be Marketing Director and Promotions Director, respectively. Additionally, we have appointed Mr. Chuck Thompson to be Race Director and Daniel Ebanks to be Safety Director for our upcoming events and we believe that with such able assistance and with the support of wider body of members, we will achieve our objective of elevating the sport of drag racing to an unprecedented level.

CIDRA’s membership is growing daily, and we are pleased to have sparked the interest of the seasoned veterans of the sport as well as the young novices of drag racing, all of whom are enthused about promoting safe organized drag racing events in Cayman. It is intended that CIDRA will become the preeminent drag racing Association in the Cayman Islands, and we are dedicated to promoting the sport of drag racing with a primary focus on enhancing safety for all participants. It is both our desire and design to educate people in our community about drag racing so as to present the same as an alternative to speeding on the streets, by providing a venue for testing and improving their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment, with safety officials and vehicles on hand to enhance safety. In furtherance of this, we actively encourage our members to refrain from speeding on the roads of Cayman, as we all recognize the inherent danger in the same which has led to the untimely demise of too many of our young people.
CIDRA has entered into an arrangement with the proprietor of the Breakers Speedway, Mr. Robert Campbell, whereby CIDRA will be holding five (5) organized and properly managed events during the course of 2011, these being held on March 27th, June 5th, July 31st, October 2nd and December 4th. It is intended that we will continue on into 2012 and beyond and it is our objective to make this sport a viable and vibrant form of entertainment for the local community, with the consequent returns being invested in administering events and upgrading our local facilities with a view to further enhancing our sport.

CIDRA is also cognizant that there are other motorsports organizations out there, and in fact a number of their members and participants are also members of our association. We intend to support and assist the other auto clubs and motorsports organizations as best we can and to coordinate with them so as to avoid conflicting event dates and the like in the future.

As part of our calendar of events, we have committed to a points championship which will result in racers with the highest points receiving an award at the end of the year. The idea is to incentivize racers to turn up for every event so as to promote consistency and continuity in our calendar of events, with the obvious consequent beneficial increase in spectator turnout.
In addition to the points championship series events, we are exploring the possibility of having other events such as “Test and Tune” and “Bracket Racing” events, in order to try to draw new entrants into the sport, with a view to promoting further growth of drag racing by increasing the number and type of participants entering the sport. We believe that this, along with proper promotion is the key to the expansion and success of this sport.

We intend to engage our various contacts in the media who we know are anxious to help us to promote this exciting sport by attending our events and reporting the on the same, which we are sure will assist in getting us the exposure we need to grow this sport in a meaningful way.

We are optimistic that by the middle of the season we will grow spectator turnout from the few hundreds to the thousands and we are committed to ensuring that our events are exciting and entertaining to all who attend, and we already have several ideas as to how we will carry this out.

We are very enthused about offering the Public the opportunity of good wholesome entertainment, something which is somewhat lacking in Cayman, particularly on Sunday afternoons, which is when we intend to have our events. We are hopeful that this will in turn lead to a good turnout of spectators, which will assist us in making our fledgling venture become the great sport that we know it can be.

We thank you for your interest and any support that you may lend to our venture.