CS Lewis Institute Birmingham, AL

The Journey Program is designed to help thoughtful believers become well-grounded disciples of Jesus Christ who faithfully follow and actively serve Him around the world. It assumes that all who participate are, like the original disciples of Jesus, significantly flawed by sin but earnestly desiring to grow in grace. It also assumes that as we seek to grow and change, the Holy Spirit will be just as loving and gracious with us as Jesus was with His first disciples.

The CSLI Journey Program focuses on a number of key biblical themes that Jesus taught His disciples, with special attention to grace, true conversion, discipleship, love, humility, the Holy Spirit, the means of grace, and calling/mission.

The Journey Program consists of 10-12 men and women who meet once a month in Riverchase. It is open to Christians of every denomination who seek to deepen their faith. A high level of commitment is necessary in order to benefit from the program.