Chinese Club at Colorado State University

The Chinese Club at Colorado State University is a group of students actively learning the Chinese language.

Goals of this page include:
- Act as an open-forum between all levels of Chinese language at CSU
- Act as a place to openly ask questions toward fellow colleagues such as:
o Chinese language questions
o Chinese cultural questions
o Questions about missed classes
o Questions about traveling to and within China
- Promote events to fellow colleagues
o Events will also be promoted on our Promotional Page:

Inappropriate Material Includes:
- Derogatory Jokes of any kind
- Political postings of any kind
- Religious postings of any kind
- Sexual jokes of any kind
- Any other material not noted and found to be offensive will be removed by Chinese Language Club administrators.
o Inappropriate postings will be DELETED and could be grounds for expulsion from the Chinese Club at Colorado State University

Please direct questions toward:

Thanks Everyone!