Canon EOS 70D

The Canon EOS 70D is a group for users of the Canon 70D EOS Camera. For us to approve posts, please keeps all posts related to the 70D. Commentary and/or EXIF data should be included with all photographs.

Please post in English ONLY. Do not "share" a photo to the group to SPAM your personal photography page looking for 'likes'! Instead, upload the photo to the group. This also has the benefit of avoiding permissions issues that could keep all members from seeing your pictures.

If you have questions about lens purchases and focal length and aperture of a lens or basic "Canon 101" questions, please ask them in a beginner group (such as Canon APS-C Beginners Group) that specialize in beginner and pre-purchase questions.

Due to the overwhelming amount of SPAM we get hit with daily, your posts have to be "approved" at least for now. We're very fast about this though, so there should be minimal delay.

Thanks all!