Canon EOS 60D

This is a group for all of us Canon EOS 60D users to share tips, tricks or anything thing about photography in general, please feel free to share comments, photos and feed back.

All spams,self promoting, for sale posts and advertising will be deleted without notice.

Feel free to share tips and things like that as it says above but, remember this group is for Canon EOS 60D only.

When posting, please upload your image(s) directly to the group, and not post a link to either personal or photography page. Sometimes privacy settings will cause others to not be able to see so its best to upload directly. Also, if you can when uploading, leave a link in the description to the image from either Flickr, 500px or any other site that will list the exif information so others will know.

When posting images you can place a link to the image on Flickr, 500px, your Facebook page (if you have one), etc. But the image must be directly uploaded to the group. It makes it much easier for viewing.

We have a monthly contest as well, please look in the files section for the "Rules & Guidelines for Photo Contest". All rules must be followed.

Absolutely no spam will be allowed. If spam is posted, it and the member will be removed from the group. I have given warnings for this in the past, but that is over with. It is the member's responsibility to read the about section to know this.

If you have ever any questions, feel free to contact myself and I will do my best to answer to them.