This group is created to inspire, uplift and learn the efficiency and skills of photography and tricks technique behind the awesome snaps, mostly for Canon users. so anyone can post the photos and tips and techniques. Lets enjoy the visual treats photographs each day.

The purpose of the group is to motivate bye giving contextual feedbacks and and support the art and artist. Hope no one try to inferiorize anyone here....if found doing so...then the memeber will be banned and in future s/he won't be able to rejoin.

As Photograph is ART and Photographers are Artists.Lets show respect and admiration to ART and ARTIST..So that everyone get inspiration and zeal to sharpen the skills.

There is NO hard and Fast RULES: But all memebers are requested not to humilate and use abusive and offensive we all know the purpose is to support and give feedbacks to all..if any memebers doing so know the result.

Provide EXIF(Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture etc.
(if requested and unprovided, post will be removed), so that everyone know about the setting and way to learn to click awesome snaps like yours.. I have given a sample for the post how it should be like(Boudhanath Stupa).

Any content (Photo/Question/Video/File) with external links will be removed.

Promoting other Pages/Groups/etc directly or in the description of posting photo is STRICTLY NOT allowed. User/Member will be warned or removed/banned *

*(Depending on situation)

One more humble request please do post the photos twice a day not more so that everyone get chance to share and get proper feed backs.

NO SPACE for those who try to spread hatred and bitterness among each other.

So lets make this group as the platform of learning and sharing...keep on giving contextual feed backs and keep on posting....importantly enjoy clicking.....