Cardinals Birds Everybody Loves

This CARDINAL GROUP page is for this beautiful bird. I wanted this page to be special because I felt that this bird deserved it. Who doesn't love looking at this bird and smile? I love hearing them sing and they make me so happy and I love to whistle back to them.

Some people have been disgracing this loving bird by pushing there religious teachings I don't oppose to religion in general or beliefs in such. I opposed to where they post such things this page is about the red bird or the cardinal not confusing it for the pope. I may post things that are not cardinal related at times that is more to show you something!! So, if anyone else wants to post a bird picture OTHER than A CARDINAL, just ask me? All OTHER NON- CARDINAL BIRD related posts will be deleted if the person doesn't delete it themselves. I don't oppose bird pictures as long as they show the beauty of the bird or birds or the lovely CARDINAL bird. To me, birds in general have such grace and beauty in itself and I love watching fly the most and learning whatever I can from them. Birds are amazing animals!! I especially love the Cardinal and there is so much to learn there and this bird is letting me into its world.

Feel free to join, if you share the same passion of this lovely bird!! This page is an open group and open discussion and just have fun and share your pics and CARDINAL STORIES!! Have a LOVELY CARDINAL DAY!! :D