Carolina Dog History and Research

New Members please read and also see New Member Information found under the files tab! I would like to extend a big welcome to you (and your dog if you have one) to the CDHR group! Under the files tab is a information repository for your access.

Mission statement

We wish to provide a forum for the public to share and discuss past, present, and future Carolina Dog History and Research.

The Carolina Dog is an ongoing Scientific Research Project. Dr. I Lehr Brisbin is the discoverer of Carolina Dogs and founder of the breed. He also retains ownership of the stud book. Dr. Brisbin will be consulted as much as possible and to the full extent that he cares to participate with this forum. We acknowledge his sole authority to all that is Carolina Dog.

There is a growing number of Carolina Dog enthusiasts from both full blooded/ UKC registered CD owners and rescue groups/people with these rescued dogs. We see this as a positive development and hope all the new interest will help advance the breed, aid in conservation of any wild populations and further the ongoing research.

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CDHR Organization Profile
Carolina Dog History and Research is the scientific and informational arm of the Carolina Dog Breed initiative and leverages relationships and invests resources to support the Carolina Dog Breed. We work together to achieve measurable results in education and data collection. Our Vision is a dedicated to learning more about the breed history and ensuring its future, through research and education as a separate and acknowledged unique breed.

Group rules:
Respectful discussions are encouraged regarding articles, research, etc. This is a diversified group and everyone is entitled to their own methodologies for how to raise, feed, train, etc. their own personal dog (within the legal limits). Personal attacks are not tolerated. The post will be deleted and a warning will be issued. The second violation may result in removal from the group. This page prohibits giving opinions on if a dog is a Carolina Dog. The ONLY person who can determine if a dog is the rare Carolina Dog is Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin, the scientist who discovered the breed. Utilize the information under the files tab to make your own determination.