Caterpillar Clubhouse Playgroup

Welcome to the Caterpillar Clubhouse Playgroup!

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Once you are a member of the BigTent group, you're welcome to also join us here on Facebook.

We are a family of butterflies looking after our little caterpillars. What better way to watch them blossom than with friends! Our clubhouse flies out of Tracy CA (209), although we do leave the trees and explore other places. We are a very active, fun, and positive group!

We focus on creative play and learning, art, sensory activities, exercise, healthy living and eating, sharing, inspiring each other, and discovering nature and all its fun critters.

The activities in this group are geared towards families with kindergartners, preschoolers, toddlers, and infants. This group is open to all ages. Several of our members have older children too, so summer is packed full of all-ages activities!

We really enjoy and appreciate each others company. We try to share and contribute to events in order to create a safe, fun, and healthy environment for our families. Parenting is hard work! So, let's create new friendships and help support each other! Come join in the FUN!

* Admins for this site check each member request, so please make sure your privacy settings allow for them to view your profile. Also, that your profile shows that you're are a family living in San Joaquin county. This is part of our guidelines and for privacy / security purposes. Thank you