Cebu Politics

An open group where POLITICAL Freedom can be Exercised!

Cebu Politics is a group/forum discusses personal points of view on Cebu's political issues and topics.

To ensure that proper order and decorum is observed in this pare, please observe the following reminders:

* No Personal Attacks
We are discussing issues and ideas, not individual people. If you disagree with a person's point of view, address that point of view. Do not make assumptions about or attacks on the person's background, age, gender, race, etc. In essence it does not matter "why" a person holds a point of view. It only matters that they present their point of view and that you discuss that view.

* Stereotypes and Derogatory Statements
Saying things like "all Islamics are terrorists" is obviously untrue and is solely meant to antagonize others. Be as truthful and accurate as you can in your statements. This is a forum for discussing issues, not for harassing people different than yourself. Use language that is non-inflammatory. Don't say things like "you will go to hell, sinner!" We will listen to your point, but we will not listen to swearing or ranting.

* Do Not Take Things Personally
Just as you should not attack other people, you should not assume that posts are meant as personal affronts to you. We are discussing issues and ideas. It is critical that you present your side of the story in a rational way. If a post upsets you, go do something else for a few hours. Come back when you can post your point of view in a logical way.

* All Points of View Welcome
You are welcome to post whatever point of view you have, as long as it is honestly held, stated in logical language and open to further discussion. That is the point of this forum, to discuss issues. If you get upset that we discuss an issue, I'm not sure why you are in a discussion forum.

* No Flaming
If your aim is merely to post something to upset others, that is not the point here. We want truthful statements of points of view. We want to ask each other questions and get answers. If you intend to attack others, or to avoid answering questions, that isn't a good discussion.

Above all, enjoy! Your brain is there to be used. Only by considering new thoughts and pondering different points of view can we truly know and understand the world around us.

JOINING THIS GROUP means you agree to the follow what is stated above.

The admins may suspend or terminate your access to Maghisgot Kitag Politika Bay at any time, with or without notification or cause.

The admins reserve the right to modify the forum rules and terms and conditions of use at any time and at their sole discretion.

If at any point you do not agree to any portion of the group rules or terms and conditions of use, you are free to log-out from the group.