1. Personal attacks, threats, flaming, or disrespecting individuals will not be tolerated on CHICAGO CAR AUDIO , the action taken is at the discretion of the Staff members handling the situation.

2. All sales and purchases are at the risk of the individuals involved. Please be certain that you make safe and intelligent secure payment arrangements. CHICAGO CAR AUDIO is not responsible/liable for any sales that go uncompensated. We are also not responsible/liable for any item advertised for sale on this site, and the integrity of that product's representation.

3. Scammer's with sketchy transactions in their past are not welcome and will immediately be banned if valid proof is provided.

4. Selling parts that you do NOT have on hand just isn't going to work . Get the parts on hand, take pictures of them and then post them. ALL threads of anything for sale that a member does not currently have on hand (unless they can provide justifiable proof that they do own those parts) will be deleted .

5.All post on this page must have a price if obo or firm, also items must have a brief and accurate description . only 1 ad per item is allowed simply bump your item to the top.

6.You must live in or around the Chicago land area, if not you will be deleted.

7. not rent a mod is allowed If you have a problem with a member simply block him and he will no longer see your post or comments if they violate the rules simply report the post .

.8 items for sale or trade are to be car audio related no rims tires, cars etc these items can be traded towards caraudio in the post .

9. absolutely no spamming will be tolerated .

10. there will be no stirring the pot if you are caught starting threads just to bash a product in order to create drama you will be banned

11. when posting a wtb please include what u are looking for and price u are willing to pay.

12. posting a wtt (wanted to trade ) please be specific as possible item u are looking for so interested parties know what u value your trade