Chicago Trance Family

Welcome to the official Chicago Trance Family page!

The purpose... of this page is to bring people together to share your own music, favorite tracks, and stories with us regarding Trance and it's many subgenres.

We are a place on the internet that brings together Trance music fans in the Chicago and surrounding areas to build a community not only for the Trance music scene in Chicago,
but to unite all Trance fans in the Midwestern region of the United States. We will provide fans with the latest releases from local and global Trance artists, up to date information regarding Trance events, and global news within the Trance music industry. We are also committed to uniting TranceFamily's around the world to join the ultimate goal of spreading the awareness of Trance music to the rest of humanity.

Like every community, there are some simple guidelines:

1. Please keep all discussions peaceful. To achieve this, discrimination will not be tolerated. This includes hate speech, bashing, and "trolling" towards any members and even industry artists. We have a zero tolerance for hostile behavior. We encourage members of this group to share opinions, thoughts, and ideas in a manner that is respectful to others.
2. Spread your love for Trance! Post your favorite songs and your favorite memories! If you know someone that loves Trance, invite them!
3. Respect each other and our page guidelines! Not abiding by these expectations will result in termination of your membership. Please be mindful of these guidelines and feel free to reach out to any administrator if you have any questions.
4. No drug solicitation, sourcing, sales, or other drug talk (harm reduction permitted, at discretion of the moderators).
5. No promotions about events that do not pertain to Trance and this group. Don't post phone numbers, how to get a table, unnecessary flyers, and other annoying spam like that.
6. No discussion of illegal activity (smuggling, fake IDs, fence hopping, etc).
7. BE NICE - trolls will be banned, as will those that are repeatedly negative, mean, condescending, judgmental, or derogatory
8. Ticket buy/sell must be face value or less. Prices MUST be posted.
9. Those who block the admins will be removed.
10. If you have attempted to join the group and have been declined, please contact an admin. This was likely done unintentionally to combat spam accounts.

If you are confused about any of the above rules and what is allowed, please contact an admin. If you are an active group member, you will always be warned before there are any repercussions.

- Chicago Trance Family - We Are One -